DMS Board of Directors

The Dubuque Montessori School is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 15 members. There are 11 voting members who are parents of children currently or previously enrolled in the school and 4 non-voting members which include the director of the school and up to 3 community members with interest in the DMS mission. The role of the Dubuque Montessori School Board is to focus efforts on the school’s mission, to be an advocate in the community for DMS in creating goodwill and developing/securing monetary resources and to establish policy and goals in conjunction with staff while leaving day-to-day management of the school up to the administration. The Board also approves the annual budget and monitors overall financial health of the school.

Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of the month at 6:15 pm at DMS.

Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to attend.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

  • Hilarie Welsh (Co-President)
  • Becky Jenkins (Co-President)
  • Katie Thomas (Treasurer)
  • Charleen Shea (Secretary)
  • Briana Cushman
  • Andrew Huntleigh
  • Nicole Powers
  • Karah Spahn
  • Amanda Staade
  • Emily Sunquist