Dubuque Montessori School
a Green Vision School

Dubuque Montessori School (DMS) is excited to participate in the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency's Green Vision Education Program (DMASWA). This program "encourages and recognizes schools that practice pollution prevention, recycling, energy efficiency and waste/toxins reduction."

Dubuque Montessori is the first, and only, preschool in Dubuque to receive the Green Vision Education Award. This program is very important because it gives children the information they need to develop lifelong, environmentally aware habits. In addition, Green Vision schools "impact their community by setting the standard for environmental mindedness in their area." In honor of our participation, we were awarded a Green Vision banner (which is displayed on the front wall through the main doors).

DMS continues to receive on-site consultation visits from the Green Vision Education Team and local experts to help us follow the Green Vision plan and to achieve our goals for a healthier school. The school community uses their suggestions to incorporate "environmental stewardship throughout the school building and grounds, as well as education and outreach."

In September 2010, DMS received their first patch - the litter patch. Bev Wagner of DMASWA presented the patch to us for working towards keeping DMS and the surrounding environment litter free. The children were active participants in the process and we accomplished our goal through a variety of events including: picking up litter at Flora Park and around the school, signing a promise that we will keep our community clean and remember to throw away our garbage, and also through reading books in the classroom about how to keep our world clean and why it is so important for the environment.

Currently DMS is working towards earning the Conservation patch. We completed the self-assessment in spring 2011 and we hope to receive the patch by September 2012.

If you are interested in learning more about "going green", here are some websites to assist you:

• Green Vision information
• Dubuque County Nature Preserves & Wildlife Areas
• Children & Nature Network
• Green tips for your family
• Website for recycling goods in the community